Mental Health Advocate

As an Advocate for Mental Health, I educate and promote Mental Health Awareness with a passion that is on fire.

I am the Author of, Out of Touch Within Reach, the first book to share my journey along opposite polar endings.

It is available on createspace, Amazon, or Barnes& I want to provide an opportunity for others to get

the information and help they need to weather the storm. My on-line magazine, Mental Health Matters, was created

to put current Mental Health issues in the spotlight, raise awareness, and embed in the minds of others that their

Mental Health Matters! The stigma of mental illness can be stamped out by becoming informed about the paths you

can take to get the help you need. Make a statement and act on it by getting involved in your community, spreading

the word that Mental Health Matters! I am a public speaker at colleges and mental health forums and I am available to

advocate for Mental Health upon request. Opening up the lines of communication is my Mission.