Welcome to Netbutterfly!   My name is Lisa Polnitz and I am an entrepreneur and also the owner of Netbutterfly. 
I work as an Instructional Designer| Technical Specialist. Branding businesses and indiviuals, giving them a new face on the web and a platform
 to market their products and services. Managing projects through design, development and implementation.

I am also a multi-faceted self-starter with more than 30 years’ experience in the Administrative/Technical industry.  I am a Professional Technical
 Manager, with a range of background managing project development, design, implementation, training, marketing, advertising and maintenance
 for companies, groups, and individual’s websites. I also build training and course development for all learners and working with SME's to design detailed instructional designed on-line courses. Please visit my training website  - www.training.netbutterfly.com.

Please, contact me for your design needs!  

Also at Netbutterfly I am the Author and Publisher of my book on the market, Out of Touch Within Reach and Editor/Publisher of Mental Health Matters
the on-line magazine published monthly.  My focus is to create content that provides valuable information and assistance for a wide audience that
develops new found knowledge and continued education. Mental Health Matters Magazine was created to promote mental health awareness.  As an
advocate for mental health I feel that it is very important to stay informed on current issues and inform others of the services available to them because Your Mental Health Matters!


Lisa Polnitz

Instructiona| Designer | Technical Specialist
(309) 231-8651